Pinch App

The simplest way for groups to volunteer together

A CodePath iOS for Designers Fall 2015 Project

Github: · Team: Cameron Wu, Jessie Chen & Kevin Wong



We started the process by interviewing Katie, the CEO of Pinch to understand from her own words her vision for the app experience. Our questions focused primarily on the opportunity, dynamics of the event coordinators and volunteers, and how we might differentiate from other existing offerings such as Craigslist, VolunteerMatch and Eventbrite. We concluded that our unique value would be positioning the service as a corporate solution for giving programs and student volunteer groups. This was made position because of Katie's existing relationships to large businesses looking for a solution like this.


As we began white boarding the concept, we utilized Nir Eyal's Hooked model to frame the experience of using Pinch. We asked ourselves, how might we encourage individuals to sign up for a volunteering event? How might we get groups to sign up? How might we repeat this process? From my own experience running Philanthro in Seattle, I saw first hand how powerful social influence can be on triggering and reinforcing the act of participation. That began our ideation into using the names and faces of fellow team members to nudge each other to register for upcoming events.


The app was decided into four distinct experiences: 1) On boarding, 2) Search, 3) Registration and 4) Status. The rounds of iteration quickly came together as a comprehensive map of the volunteer's journey through Pinch. The core experience shows a set of cards that represent upcoming, nearby events based on personal interests (from the on boarding process). People can swipe left and right to read a preview of the event and also see who is registered from the company or student group. Diving deeper into the experience hosts an array of detailed information about the event, the organization and practical details one would expect once they have registered (e.g. location, contact information, etc).

Thanks to the brilliant program at Code Path and the support of our patient teachers, we built a moderately robust version of the app. Most of the UI was constructed using Interface Builder as well as classes within Xcode. The backend integrated with Parse to read and write real data about NPOs, volunteers and events. 


During Demo Day, project teams would present a functioning build of their app in front of a panel of judges. The panel ranged from executive designer managers from respectful companies like Groupon, Capital One and Twitter. Amongst the 10 other teams in our class, we placed first in the "iOS for Designers" category because of the mission of our app and the comprehensiveness of the experience. We were truly honored to accept the award, especially amongst the extremely talented classmates who also built beautiful and thoughtful apps.