Sales acceleration on the go.

3rd place winners, Dreamforce 2014 Hackathon in the Salesforce1 category.

Design Process

The hackathon had over 200 competing teams across three categories. Our group entered the Salesforce1 category with the intent on building a mobile app that would help the millions of sales teams close more deals.

We were a team of six. Three back end engineers, two front end developers and one designer (myself).


Establishing a visual system quickly helped speed the process. UI components were defined early on using familiar attributes such as Salesforce iconography, color palette and common mail messaging graphics.


A prototype of the design using Flinto helped the team understand the basic information architecture, interaction flows and animations.


Final Design

Priority Inbox

A full email client with smart ranking and filtering system using keyword matching and SFDC backend to focus only on messages that make money. Built onto top of Salesforce1 platform eliminating installs and available to millions of sales teams instantaneously.


Message Thread


Sales Templates


Additional Concepts

Here & Now Responses


Message Details

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Performance Dashboard