Human-centered designer with an appetite for complex problems. Expertise in social and web. On a quest to bring harmony between beauty & utility.




Airbnb, Design Manager · May 2016 - Present

  • Now leading Support Products scaling community support globally while managing teams in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. Design and site lead for Seattle.
  • Previous led Host Success driving development of Superhost, Marketplace Standards, Feedback systems and quality control products.

Stride Labs, Lead Designer · Aug 2015 - Apr 2016

  • Led entire design and product development of two major versions of our iOS app, desktop and mobile web app.
  • Worked across all facets of design and product from customer interview, to whiteboard, to prototype and finally to code.
  • Improved first time user on boarding based on usability studies following people on their mobile phone and capturing video testimonials.

Groove Labs, Design Advisor · Nov 2014 - Present

  • Created Groove History, a smart activity tracker and note taking app.
  • Redesigned Groove Profiles, a contextual view showing the most valuable sales data on leads and opportunities right where people want it.
  • Designed an award winning Salesforce1 priority inbox for mobile sales teams. We created an intelligent priority inbox experience, message composer with templates and the ability to retrieve contextual information related to all available contacts via SFDC.

Livefyre, Inc., Director of Design · Nov 2012 - Aug 2015

  • Led the design of Livefyre Studio, a real-time content marketing platform built for the 1,000+ major publisher and brand marketing customers on Livefyre's network. Established a new UI component library and directed design sprints covering new and existing customer facing applications.
  • Developed the information architecture and application specific user-flows across all major verticals of the app including content curation, moderation, app designing and analytics.
  • Incorporated customer interviews and user testing programs for many consumer and customer facing apps that informed product and design decisions early and before release dates. Received high praise from customers for improved usability and general satisfaction.
  • Guided the development of multiple embeddable app types used successfully by customers including Media Walls, Polls, News Feeds, Maps and Trending Topics visualizations.
  • Guided the development of Sidenotes, the first widely available enterprise-level annotation experience. 
  • Hired and managed a team of 8 consisting of product designers, UI engineers and researchers.

Artefact, Design Researcher & Strategist · Aug 2007 - Oct 2012

  • Developed next generation user experiences for Fortune 500 companies and international brands including Samsung, Microsoft, HP and Huawei. Below are highlights during my tenure:
  • Recommendation Systems: Supported the design and led the testing of an incubation team’s location-based iOS app and improved the overall navigation model as well as identified key data points that aided the user’s decision making. The app recommended restaurants, local attractions and events using proprietary search categorization technology.
  • Mobile: Informed the user experience and interaction design for Microsoft Courier, including pen tools, sharing scenarios and customization through in home ethnographic observations. Also helped establish multiple concept/vision projects for other iOS apps focusing on messaging and group coordination use cases using task analysis and in-lab studies to prioritize features and user scenarios.
  • Social: Recommended and assisted the design of home entertainment and mobile solutions based on user profile data and friend’s activity to improve user engagement, decision making and information search & retrieval.
  • Everything Else: Experienced with participant recruitment, research budgeting, scheduling, group moderation, in context interviewing and client communications. Coordinated and facilitated workshops with designers, managers and VPs identifying pain points, areas of opportunity and design concepts through interactive group exercises.

Philanthro, Co-Founder & Co-President · Dec 2010 - Oct 2012

  • Co-founded the Seattle chapter and built a team of young professionals covering functions including operations, marketing, finance and development.
  • Led a local team of 20+ local young professionals under a national 501(c)3 volunteer organization to promote, plan and execute engaging charity projects in the community. 
  • Established the organizational structure, policies, strategy and roles that defined operations.
  • Raised over $15,000 in total contributions to numerous local and national NPO’s, engaged with over 500 young professionals throughout dozens of fund-raising events and established new relationships with several local businesses in Seattle.


CodePath, Swift (iOS) for Designers

  • Honor student and Demo Day 1st place winner in the Designer category.
  • 8-week intensive training course on fundamentals in application development in Swift.
  • Completed program in Fall 2015.

University of Washington, B.S. Informatics

  • Studied human-centered design and research methodologies for modern information systems. Electoral studies crossed over into interaction and industrial design.
  • Awarded Dean's List throughout college career.
  • Received the "Significant Sig" Award. A national award from Sigma Chi fraternity in recognition for outstanding leadership and development. Launched and developed the chapter's professional development and career advancement program in 2006 and 2007.


  • Mobile application development
  • Ethnographic research
  • Task analysis
  • In-depth interviews & focus groups
  • Surveys & questionnaires
  • Storyboarding & scenario development
  • Information architecture
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Concept evaluations
  • Usability testing & RITE method
  • Photography & post production


  • Swift (iOS), Xcode & Parse
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Keynote & InVision
  • OmniGraffle & Balsamiq
  • iLife & iWork
  • Microsoft Office