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“Few people out there really understand how much these kids are lacking, and that’s just talking basic food and shelter. For my students to worry about what they eat or if they will have enough to eat for dinner, anything regarding their future is much more difficult to think about.

Yet having a group of young professionals like those that Philanthro were able to bring in gave them something tangible to reach for. They were able to see other young adults, especially males of minority backgrounds being successful and able to achieve not only a high level of education, but show what it looks and feels like to be successful, gives them the drive to work hard so they can overcome their circumstances.”

- Kelley Mao, 6th Grade teacher and Career Fair Host

We’ve all been asked the question before: What do you want to be when you grow up? And your reply might have been close to something like a doctor, a lawyer, an architect, or even a power ranger. Each one of those were pretty fantastic outcomes and certainly special in their own right. It was a question that granted us the power to imagine anything and believe in anything. But what if you didn’t have the freedom to imagine anything you wished. For some youth in our community, it’s a reality they face right now.

How Philanthro got involved
Fortunately, an old college friend, Kelley, reached out and asked if Philanthro could help out with a special project that is aimed to address this reality. She needed a group of young professionals to visit her school in West Center and speak with 6th graders aged 11 and 12, about what we did to be where we are today. As a twenty-something, I didn’t think I was in a position to share a story that could inspire these kids. But that wasn’t the point. You see, even graduating from college is a significant event and few believe it will be something they will accomplish. Having the opportunity to speak with young adults who have higher education and are working in a profession by choice gives them inspiration to imagine their own dream jobs once again.

There were eight of us with different professional backgrounds. Thanks to the amazing volunteers who helped out, the kids were able to learn about a wide range of professions from sales, marketing, graphic arts, business management, product development, customer service, to finance. The turn out offered a range of insights into different type of responsibilities with each profession, like the paths they would need to go to get there and the fun aspects that they could look forward to if they worked hard at it. The 6th graders were engaged and focused. Every student had questions and you could see in their body language the excitement that followed while talking to us. When we asked the 6th graders what they wanted to be when they grow up, we heard with great enthusiasm, “doctor”, “singer”, “teacher” and so on.

Something seemed to be working.

A worthwhile experience
The whole event was wildly exciting. Walking through the double doors of the school already gave me a heightened sense of anticipation and curiosity. It was a feeling that really brought you back to when you were young and everything was a a first time experience. Everything from the environment to the teams of students running around seemed to have built up a great deal of contagious energy. The feeling was great. It was an opportunity I would wholeheartedly recommend to others.

While the experience was fulfilling, it doesn’t solve the problem. Their homes and the people that surround them are still the same. They still need more positive influences in their life over the course of their childhood. Our visit helped, but it can’t be the last. There is a gap between the availability of successful young adults and the young students who have few, if at all, to look up to. Our teachers, like Kelley, are looking to you for support. If you are interested in working with youth, this is an easy one, and you can have a lasting impact.

Before I end this little story, I wanted to give a big thank you to the teachers, the students, Kelley, and the volunteers for making this possible. Philanthro wants to do this again and we hope that more young professionals will see the value in this type of outreach, especially amongst the younger population. The first few years in school are foundational to their development. We have an opportunity to partner with our community and our schools to help the youth live their dreams.

If you want to get in contact with the school or other Philanthro projects, let me know.

Kevin Wong
Co-president, Philanthro
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Illuminate Blacklight Fundraiser by Philanthro for foster youth & the YMCA

Friends, I wanted to invite you to this very special event that’s near and dear to my heart. This event does two things: it’s a fundraising event for the YMCA’s foster youth transition program. The proceeds from the event will support the Y’s tremendous work towards helping youth learn life skills, find homes and be given a chance to live a normal life. We’ve all been (may still are) there, growing up becoming adults, except that we were fortunate enough to have the support from others to get where we are today. All you need to do is come out and celebrate with us and the Y will be able to continue helping youth at risk in our community here in Seattle.

The second reason this is a special event is because this is Philanthro’s launch event. Since helping found the Seattle chapter, my team and I have been excited about imaging the different ways we can help various non-profits in our area. We’ve been working on some smaller projects in the past few months getting our personal networks back into volunteerism. We’re quickly learning that this is our chance to come together and share our aspirations to help others who need it most. This event marks Philanthro’s starting point to meet others and seek opportunities to become more philanthropic. It’s easy and we’re all in it together. I hope you can join me.

Philanthro Seattle’s Illuminate Fundraiser

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Why Care? A social mixer supporting Foster Youth by the YMCA and Philanthro

Come support the Y and Philanthro in our mission to bring awareness to the problems faced by foster youth. We had a successful volunteer day last month with over 40 people showing up and now we hope you can help us continue to spread the word about a great cause by coming to our event “Why Care?”, a social mixer with the YMCA of Greater Seattle.

While a few of us got to experience and hear the stories behind the change the Y has done, we want to bring that message to a bigger audience and need your help. Whether you’ve been looking to get back into philanthropy, want to meet like minded people or are curious about what the Y does, come join us and enjoy a few drinks for a good cause.

  • Learn about the issues foster youth face and how the Y is helping them to succeed firsthand from people at the Y
  • Enjoy happy hour prices all night in The Balmar’s private room
  • Quickly educate yourself about foster youth with our Y Care? activities
  • Meet other young professionals interested in giving back
  • Take part in our photo booth and more

Every person counts, all we ask is for your time and we promise to throw a fun event.

All of us at Philanthro are excited to introduce you to a side of the Y you probably didn’t know about and hopefully can give you a reason to give back to our community. Learn about an awesome cause, while also meeting good people and having fun for our second event of the year supporting the YMCA’s programs to help foster youth.

No cover with a $5 recommended donation going towards the Y.

This is part 2 of our 3 event series to draw attention to the problems facing foster youth and how to help them succeed.

Designed by Katrina Mendoza

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First annual MDA Muscle Walk was a huge success!

First, I wanted to say thank you to all my friends and family members that supported me in beating my $500 goal. We not only beat my goal, but I also received contributions from 10 people. Even if you didn’t donate, spreading the word and passing the message along helped too. In total, the event raised $62,000 towards research and program costs that battle more than 100 different forms of muscle disabling diseases.

If you didn’t know, MDA in Washington is partnered with some of the leading institutions that fight diseases and cancer including University of Washington Medical Center, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, Seattle Children’s and the SCCA. The money is being put to good use. Once the code has been cracked with this disease, it’s going to help eliminate a lot of pain, struggle and heartache many families like ours face today.

I wanted to also say thank you to SmugMug for sponsoring my campaign by providing me with free prints for the posters and postcards that I will be sending to my generous donors. SmugMug is my online gallery and printing service for KVW Photo and has provided an amazing service for me and my clients for the past two years. If you’re ever in need of a reliable, friendly, affordable printing solution, check them out. I couldn’t be more happy with my experience with them.

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Support my friend’s Hopes and Dreams

I’m blessed to have talented friends who share their passion with the rest of us. 4nStereo (pronounced foreign stereo) just released their EP called “Hopes and Dreams.” This is exciting for all of us and I hope you get to enjoy their music as much as I have.

Also, they’re launching their Kickstarter to raise money for their first album starting tomorrow! In the meantime, you can also check them out on TheSixtyOne and follow them. I’ll update this post when the link is available. Spread the love!

The Kickstarter campaign is now LIVE! Check it out here and also watch their video. I’m so proud of you guys. Please make their hopes and dreams come true! Link.

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